Lowline Angus Cattle

A little information on the Lowline Angus cattle we raise.

They are a purebred heritage breed of Angus beef cattle. Back in the 1970’s when everything in agriculture was being supersized including cattle, there was a great debate about whether bigger was really better. To find the objective scientific answer, a study was done at the Trangie Research Center in Australia.  They took the very best pure Aberdeen Angus breeding stock they could find and imported them to the research center. These were championship winning cattle, and they selected the breeding pairs based on size; a bigger “high line” and a smaller “low line.”  They studied these cattle for all the important traits in beef cattle for nineteen years and came to the conclusion that based on pounds of beef produced per acre of grass, the “low line” was more efficient. Also, they have a lot of other positive traits, docile, easy calving, good mothers, and – most important for us – excellent quality tender meat when finished exclusively on grass.

So, Lowline cattle aren’t really anything new, they are actually old Angus stock that hasn’t been supersized by cross breeding with other cattle bloodlines like today’s commercial “Angus” cattle.  Each registered Lowline Angus – and all our breeding stock are registered – must be DNA tested back to the original Trangie herd. Lowline cattle closely resemble their ancestors, the Aberdeen Angus and are about 30% smaller than the full sized Angus that you see today.

Our breeding stock come from Muddy Creek Ranch in Wilsall, Montana.  See more information about their ranch here.

Read more about the history of Lowline Cattle here.  We are also members of the Northwest Lowline Association which is a group of Lowline Breeders and Producers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. You can learn more about the Northwest Lowline Association on their website here.  In addition, we are members of the American Lowline Registry and you can learn more about that organization here.

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