The lupine season is about over and the seed pods are drying in the sun.

 lupine 3

Now the foxgloves are in bloom.  The foxglove grow wild in this area – there is a local road named for them as they were so thick in the area.

foxgloves big

They are very tall, majestic plants with interesting shapes and markings.  Many wildflowers are edible, but the foxglove is poison, though it is used to make the heart drug digitalis.

foxgloves close best

It was originally called Folksglove – the glove of the ‘good folk’ or fairies, whose favourite haunts were supposed to be in the deep hollows and woody dells, where the Foxglove delights to grow. Folksglove is one of its oldest names, and is mentioned in a list of plants in the time of Edward III.

Whatever it is called, they are beautiful growing wild adding color to the green summer landscape.

foxgloves under tree

Aren’t They Cute?

     Why is it that babies of any kind are so appealing?  Coyotes must be the scroungiest looking animals ever created, but even their pups are cute.  We found them playing in the lower pasture.  The whole family was there, Mom & Dad and these three energetic little ones. 

This one was taking a leisurely stroll by himself through the back yard and the oxeye daisies. 



We don’t mean to brag, but . . .

Our weather has been absolutely beautiful.  Warm and sunny in the low to mid 80’s during the day and nights in the high 40’s to low 50’s.  The air is so clear and clean.  We know the air in southern California is terrible with all the fire smoke and heat.  We are glad to be here!

Rick says I shouldn’t tell anybody how nice it is here or it will start to get crowded. 

So, disregard the above and just think of it as cold and raining all the time here 😉

Wildflowers and Harvest


 We picked the first squash from our garden today.  It is a new (to us) variety of round squash. 

I would like to tell you it is about the size of a pumpkin. 


But it is really not quite that large.   Here is another view.  It is called “Eight Ball” and isn’t it cute?  Of course it is going to take quite a few of those to make a meal!  There are several more set on, as well as many more plants of traditional zucchini so hopefully we will have lots of squash.  

   ***                             ***                             ***                                         

The wildflowers are  abundant this year.  It is incredible to me that something so beautiful could grow and blossom every year on their own without any tending from us humans.  I guess God is a pretty good gardener. 

The foxgloves are my favorites.


Oxeye Daisies



Oxeye Daisies and Hairy Cats-Ear

We feel very fortunate to be the caretakers of this beautiful land.

Do Bears Poop in the Woods?

Yes, they do.  Also in our front yard.   We found a scat pile just a few feet from the front of the house, so we knew the bear had been around while we were gone.  

A pretty good sized bear, and eating lots of berries. 

This morning I was out taking pictures and looking at the wildflowers when I found this visitor in the back pasture.  At first he (or she?) didn’t notice me.  

I was debating trying to get closer to get a better picture, but then he (or she ?) lifted his head and spotted me and took off into the bushes.  A year ago on the last day we were walking the property with Karla and Larry we saw a bear cub dart out of the woods, run down the field a ways and then dart back into the woods.  Maybe we will see another cub this summer?