Much Better Now

Thanks to all of you who have asked about our dog Molly after she was attacked last week. I am happy to say she is almost completely healed and back to her old bouncy self. She had a rough few days and her ears were pretty mangled. Alex and I cleaned both her ears twice daily and got a hydrogen peroxide shower at the end when she shook her head. It worked though and her ears are healing nicely. Now she’s back to her regular job of keeping Grizzly – and everyone else around here – in line.



If you’ve read this blog for any time at all you’ve seen and heard about our two faithful dogs – Molly and Grizzly. We love them both and they are with us rain or shine. With all due respect to Grizz, Molly is definitely the brains of the operation and has the quiet, gentle way about her. He is a full blood Blue Heeler and she is 3/4 heeler and 1/4 black lab.



























A couple of days ago a large boxer roaming loose came onto our ranch and attacked Molly who was right outside the house just minding her own business. She’s a sweetie, but when provoked she can hold her own. It took 3 men to pull them apart and I’m told the other dog took the worst of the fight. Molly has several cuts and bruises and is very sore. Grizzly hid under the house.

I can’t tell you how angry it makes me that a dog wandering unrestrained came on our property and attacked our dog – and this is not the first time the dog has attacked another. The owner was apologetic, which is something I guess, but I am still peeved. Is is really too much to expect that our animals should be safe on our own land?

We’ve been nursing Molly and today we discovered her poor chewed up ear is draining pus – yuck. We cleaned it out with peroxide, she didn’t even make a whimper, and will check with the vet tomorrow.




It has been quite a while – too long – since I posted regularly on the blog. Through a set of unusual circumstances my attention has necessarily been directed elsewhere. While this was not a situation of my choosing, it has given me some new perspective. Sometimes you see things more clearly and appreciate them more fully when you have been away for a while. ¬†As I walked around the ranch the past week or so, I took pictures of all the things I’ve missed the most.

Trees, fresh air, clouds.

blue skies mtn

Our fearless watchdogs – with one ear up and one ear down.


Flowers that grow wild.

foxglove close

Cows – nosy creatures that they are.


Berries growing wild. Planted and watered by God, ready to be picked by me!