6 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #39

  1. Hi! We’ve missed you and the posts; no pressure; you are busy busy folks. Just know we wish you the very best. We didn’t make RV trip this year to the West (otherwise you would have seen us!); Mom moved t Retirement Village “Wheatland” 2 weeks ago; became ill with pneumonia; I’m here with her until 5/19 minimum stay (since 4/11). Take care; know you are calving(?) now. Many Blessings to you and your family and great success to American Alps Ranch! K&L

    • Brenda says:

      I’ve been AWOL too long 😉 Good to hear from you, hope your mom is healing quickly. Yes, we have just finished calving season and are moving the herd to summer pastures. Hope we get to see you and Larry here soon!

  2. Sandy W. says:

    YAY, you’re back!!! I’ve missed you posting things dear friend. Keep em’ coming!

  3. Nicholas Palmer says:

    I have been periodically checking for new posts, I began to lose hope, but alas we have a glorious post! Looks dreamy. Happy days of birth for the two may babies. Thanks for the post! I love living vicariously through your posts. From- YFNWOWFY (Your Favorite Nephew Who Once Worked For You)

    • Brenda says:

      I have been sadly AWOL – but I am trying to do better! Hope all is well with you and Riah and the newbie.

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