Spring Calving

The first calf of the season has arrived. A nice calf out of our bull Snapshot and Denver our one first-time heifer (a female who has not calved yet) this year.


We bought Denver last year when we were in – where else? – Denver at the National Western Stock show. Our Canadian friends Russ and Linda from Highpoint Lowlines brought her back to Washington for us on their way home. We met them down on I-5  to pick her up. She was in their big cattle trailer with one of their bulls behind her, so we unloaded the bull first and Alex held him while we unloaded Denver from their trailer and loaded her into ours.  All in a gas station parking lot with cars and trucks whizzing by on the freeway. We did get a couple of strange looks.


Newborn calves are so cute and this one is curious too.




Sniff. Her mama Denver (who is now officially a cow) is very calm, has lots of milk and is doing a good job taking care of her.


One calf delivered safe and sound, 19 more to go. I hope they are all this easy and with these good results!

2 comments on “Spring Calving

  1. Mr. Nick says:

    There is always a good story to be told from the great northwest! Thanks for the post! Who had the bright idea to put the first animal to be off loaded in first? Silly Canadians…

    • Brenda says:

      The “silly Canadians” correctly loaded the trailer with the cows / heifers in the front compartment with Denver at the very back and the bull in the back compartment separated by a divider. Mixing boys and girls in the trailer does not work well – and can result in injuries and/or unwanted matings.

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