Warm and Sunny

Warm and sunny are not usually the words you would use to describe the winter weather around here. I must confess that in November when we had the first ice and snow I was thinking it would be a long, cold, snowy winter.


Everything, including the water hoses, was frozen and that is just not fun.


Instead, it has been warm and mild, too mild in fact. Here is what the mountains around us should look like this time of year.


And here is what it looks today. Almost no snow pack at all – not good. I’m sure those poor folks back east who have been hammered with snow this winter would be glad to trade.


 There is a saying around here about the caterpillar “wooly bears” (I don’t know what the official name is, do you?) and their stripe and the weather. I think it is the wider the stripe the longer and colder winter will be. There were lots of them crawling around in the fall and the stripe seems wide enough to me, but it has been a mild winter nevertheless.


The rain gauge this year has barely moved.


Compared to last year which was the wettest March on record – read more about that here – and the gauge was overflowing. Our dry spell is nothing like our friends in California and the severe drought they are dealing with. But it would be nice to get a little more rain. I probably should be careful what I ask for, one of our cattle friends just a little north of us says March will be very mild until the end of the month when we will have a blizzard. I really hope he is wrong, but we will see.

One comment on “Warm and Sunny

  1. Mr. Nick says:

    Global warming?. Or was it climate change?
    Been quite cold over here. People here don’t do cold. Like Washington natives don’t do high 80’s. It is a very fun time people watching at Walmart, you thought Bakersfield was bad… Quite fun! Call me weird, I enjoy myself.

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