Curious Creatures

Cattle are curious creatures, at least ours are. I took a walk down to the pasture in the sunshine yesterday and here is my view. The yearling calves in their pasture stop eating at the round bale and come over to investigate me and my camera. As you can see they are a pretty friendly bunch and quite used to us being around them all the time.


Either I am extremely fascinating or these calves are just nosy as they creep closer and closer. My talking to them and clicking off pictures doesn’t concern┬áthem at all.


There is always one in every crowd and B17 – Lucy’s calf from last year – just couldn’t resist coming even closer. . .


. . .and closer and nibbling on the edge of my jacket – just in case it might be made of alfalfa I guess. The jacket is in the wash as I type.


And while we are on the subject of calves, a belated Happy Birthday to B1. The first calf born last year and in the snow. You can read about it here – and see what the weather is usually like this time of year.


The new Spring calves are due to begin arriving any day and this group won’t be the babies any more. It is nice no snow is predicted, warm weather for calving is easier for everyone.

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