With and Without Permission

Nephew Nick sent me this picture, found on a humor page, and said it looked like our orchard a few years ago – except for the dog and the caption.

dog digging picture


Good eye Nick – it was! This is the original picture that I posted here on the blog almost five years ago. Apparently someone with good photo shop skills copied my picture, eliminated Rick and inserted a dog on the excavator, added a caption and published it on a humor page.


All without my knowledge or permission – which I must say really irritates me. This photo shop job is harmless and kind of cute, but what if someone used my picture for something inappropriate or offensive?  Grrrr!

I’m happy to say that not everyone is so unscrupulous. Here is another picture I posted a couple of years ago.


I got an inquiry from Mother Earth News asking if I was willing to sell them the picture as an illustration for one of the articles in their magazine. I said yes, and if you look on this month’s copy of Mother Earth News . . .


. . . on page 67 you will see my legally obtained picture illustrating an article by Joel Salatin. I am a fan of his work, so I was really pleased.


 It is nice to know at least some people follow the rules.

5 comments on “With and Without Permission

  1. Sandi Wingfield says:

    So now you’re a professional photographer! Congratulations

  2. Maybelline says:

    That is awesome Brenda.

  3. Brenda says:

    I don’t think I would make much of a living selling one picture every five years – but it was nice.

  4. tjandmark says:

    Clearly, these are very different photos… The mini-excavator being operated by the canine has the more advanced steering wheel controls, Rick is merely using the handicapped levers. Mark

    • Brenda says:

      Oh that is good – I didn’t even notice the steering wheel. I will pass along your comment to Rick 😉

      He said it was really rude of the hacker not to use a picture of our dogs.

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