When they finished fencing the grazing paddocks at the new land, Rick and Alex turned their attention back to our place. Before winter, they need to have the water and electrical lines run all the way out to the “North 40” pasture. As it seems with most any project we have, this involves a lot of hard work. It goes like this: digging lines in lots of rocks, clearing and grading the ditch, sanding the ditch, installing the water line and electrical conduit, sanding the lines, backfilling the ditch and grading it smooth. They started at the very far end of the run and are working back towards the main electrical  and water lines.

 Rick and Alex installed a hose bib is at the end of the run in what will be the North 40 pasture – fencing that pasture is next year’s project.


 This is the line dug – using our favorite neighbor’s tractor with backhoe – lots  and lots of rocks.


 After Rick dug the line they laid out the pipe and conduit, with Grizzly watching.


 Next they put sand in the bottom of the ditch. This will cushion the pipe and conduit and protect it from the rocks. This was a big enough project the first time, we certainly don’t want to have to dig it up and fix leaks or breaks because the pipe got crushed by rocks. And we have a LOT of rocks. And Molly and Grizzly are right there where the guys are working – they never stray very far.


After the sand is down, they install the pipe and conduit. This is actually the easiest part of the process.


Then more sand on top of the pipe and conduit – again to protect the lines from the rocks. That is Alex standing in the ditch directing Rick where to dump the sand. Roger and Melanie’s tractor made this job possible. Thanks Roger and Melanie!


Alex spreads the sand to cover both lines.


 You can see the exposed pipe at the top of the picture where it hasn’t been covered with sand yet.


 Grizzly keeps a close watch on the workmanship.



And finally it is time to backfill the ditch with our rocky, rocky soil.


After the ditch is completely covered, there are still lots of rocks on the surface that will have to be cleared away. This is the ditch to one of the water troughs which is set in cement with the lines stubbed up in the center – you can tell this project got put on hold for quite a while to build fences by the foliage growing in the stub out.


 Here is the insulated water trough set on top of the cement with the gravel ready to spread around.


And part of the water line is done.


5 comments on “Waterline

  1. bob says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of work. Good thing you you have hard workers.

  2. Maybelline says:

    Most interesting. How did you do that Brenda? You made such a simple subject interesting.

  3. […] case you missed the first installment of the waterline, the guys were halfway through with installing the water line and electrical conduit from the new […]

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