Beautiful Blooms

I love hydrangeas; they are one of my favorite flowers. When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a beautiful, huge hydrangea on the north side of her house; it must have been over six feet tall and about as big around. Hers was pink and we always took pictures in front of it when it was blooming. When I planted this little one gallon shrub five years ago I didn’t know if it would grow here in our climate and soil or not. We had a nice little spot next to the double doors of our garden shed so it was worth a try.


Not too long after I planted it, we found out we were having puppies – turned out there were ten puppies. They were the cutest little puppies ever and we thoroughly enjoyed them. Like all puppies they liked to chew on anything available. My shoe laces.


Each other.


And my hydrangea. Can you see the sad little stick behind the puppy? Yes, that is my poor hydrangea. I mulched it with straw to try to protect it, but I should have fenced it off from those little chewing creatures. They gnawed it down to a stub. Rick was going to cut it down completely, but I convinced him to give it a chance.


Well, as you can see the plant made a dramatic recovery. It probably helped that we found wonderful homes for all ten puppies so they didn’t chew on it anymore. I put some “manure tea” and compost on it and now five years later the hydrangea is happy, healthy and at least five feet tall. Apparently the sheltered location is a good one for it, because well into fall when all the leaves are turning, it is still blooming.


The picture really doesn’t do it justice. The blooms are a beautiful azure blue and about six inches across.


And new blooms are turning color – even in mid October.


I’m hoping to get more hydrangeas planted when we do the landscaping around the store.

3 comments on “Beautiful Blooms

  1. Maybelline says:

    You must have your grandmother’s green thumb. I have trouble photographing blues as well. Do you cut the blooms and dry them?

  2. Brenda says:

    Thanks Donna! No, I haven’t tried drying the blooms. Usually after the first hard freeze we trim the whole thing back and mulch it for winter.

  3. m l palmer says:

    Lucky you! I’ve tried several times, but our heat is just too much for this shrub. I bet I can beat you at cactus!

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