I don’t know if every cattle ranch has a menagerie of other critters too, but ours sure does. Of course we have our two guard dogs, Molly and Grizzly.


They can usually be found right at Rick’s feet, literally. If he walks from the shed out to the cattle pens, they go with him; house to the shed, they go with him. I understand that is pretty typical behavior for heelers.


The ranch is also home to the brother and sister cats Harry and Bess; they are a bit more independent.


What always amazes me about these four is that not only do they all get along fine – Bess usually goes in the dog house to snuggle with Molly first thing every morning – but when you go for a walk all four of them come along. I tell Rick he looks like the pied piper with all his pets trailing along with him. Here they are all resting in the shade – it was a hot day for a walk.


A few days ago Rick was out checking on some of the cattle and of course his whole pet crew went too.


While Rick was checking the herd, all the dogs and cats were waiting in the shade of the cow shed.


Everything was fine until one of the cows caught sight of the dogs and cats. That is really nothing unusual, the critters are often in the pasture. For some reason though Denver the cow didn’t appreciate them being in her pasture that day. So she came running and chased them out. You can just see Harry below on the far right getting ready to dive under the fence.


Once she got started all the cows wanted to chase critters out of the pasture. Betty and her calf were next chasing Bess and the dogs.


After they all made a quick exit under the pasture fence, the whole crew rested in the shade. It was a hot day!


Harry was so traumatized from being chased he decided to walk all the way back up the hill on the fence rail.


A lot less chance of a bovine chase up there.


And then they were safe to rest in the shade.


One comment on “Menagerie

  1. Karla says:

    Crazy Furr Kids; we love ’em all! A bit of fun at the Ranch! K&L

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