Grazing Paddocks

It may not look like much to you, but to us this is a very important fence post. Maybe we should have spray painted it gold, or put some kind of plaque on it?

last posthold

This is the last post! Yes, at long last Rick and Alex finished all ten of the grazing paddocks on our new pasture. It was a huge project and took them twelve weeks, but they got it done!  It has been a long summer filled with fencing and more fencing.

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

And in between fencing grazing paddocks there was hay season.



Another long, hot project which has to be done as quickly as possible to get the hay cut, raked, baled and stacked under cover before it started raining. It was our first year to get hay from our own pasture and it went really well.


We have stacks of fresh hay in the barn waiting for the cold winter weather. And then back to fencing grazing paddocks, which includes installing gates.


Rick and Alex have had a lot of experience setting posts and installing gates so they will all close and latch on one post.


That is important when you are setting up your paddocks so one person can move the herd. You close off the gate across the alley where you don’t want the cattle to go, open the gate to the new paddock and then open the gate on the paddock they are moving out of – have all those gates latched in place – and you can move them to fresh grass by yourself and just close the gate behind them. No chance of the cattle getting loose and easy for the humans too. Since there are only the three of us here, that is a good thing.

So now that the grazing paddocks are all fenced the guys must be laying on the couch watching NASCAR all day right? Not exactly. They have moved on to the next of the projects that have to be done before winter.


This one involves water and electrical lines, big ditches and lots of rocks.

2 comments on “Grazing Paddocks

  1. m l palmer says:

    That’s the life of a rancher! Looks like you did have some sunshine to work in tho and pretty scenery to look at while they did it.

  2. Brenda says:

    The weather has been nice and the scenery is always beautiful. And the fencing (at least that one) is done!

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