Hay Season

We interrupt fence building to bring you hay season. You’ve heard that phrase “Make hay while the sun shines” well it is probably true most places but it is certainly the way it goes around here. When the hay is ready and the sun is shining you drop everything else you are doing and make hay.


Hay season is usually around the 4th of July and it is all-consuming because you have to get the hay cut, dried, baled and the bales in the barn before it rains again.  Hay is what our grass-fed beef eat in the winter months, so it is an important part of our operation.


With our new acreage, we had some of our own grass for hay this year. Our friend Jeff cut it for us, then raked it .


And baled the hay. I really have no idea how a hay baler works. It looks to me like they drive the tractor pulling the baler over the rows of hay, it rakes up the loose hay and squishes it all together, ties it with twine in two places and spits the bales out the back.


It is possible there is a more technically correct explanation for the inner workings of a hay baler. I do know everyone I have ever known who has worked with one complains about how hard they are to get adjusted just right. Too tight, too loose or too something.


Rick and Alex used our tractor and bale handler to gather up the bales in the field and stack them on the trailer.


They pulled trailer loads to our place to put the hay in the barn for winter.


The bale handler works to make the hay stacks in the barn too.


Unlike some places where they get multiple cuttings of hay, here you usually get one per year – two if it is a really good year and you get rain and dry weather at just the right times.  And then we are done with hay for the year and can go back to . . . yep – building more fences.

One comment on “Hay Season

  1. Please educate me. Do you have to replant the hay next year or does it go dormant to emerge next year? Do you rotate you hay fields with any other crops? Not that you need to know; but if I could pick an ag job it would be hay raker. How relaxing. – Donna

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