New Pastures – Part 2

In addition to the fencing for the new grazing paddocks we have to install water troughs. The labor intensive way to water cattle is to drag a hose from place to place and fill up the trough. We have done plenty of that. This time Rick and Alex wanted to put in the labor and time up front to make it more efficient in the long run.

hooking up water line float

So they trenched two very long water lines across both sections of the paddocks and installed water lines. Then they stubbed up a line at each water trough and installed a float which refills the trough automatically as the cattle drink the water down.


 It s a lot less time-consuming for us – after the system is all set up – and better for the cattle too as they always have a supply of fresh water.


And then they were back to fencing. Alex is driving T posts.

driving T posts

 When all the brace posts have been cemented in and the T posts driven in and the clips installed, it is time to pull the wire. This wire spool holder keeps the spool in place as they pull the wire down the fence line. You can see the cattle waiting impatiently in the paddock they are ready to move off of behind the spool – but no pressure.


 Way down at the end of the fence line you can just barely see Karla. She and Larry are the previous owners of the property that is now American Alps Ranch and they were here for a visit. They graciously helped us that day building fence. Karla took the hedge trimmers and did away with a lot of blackberry vines that were creeping into the new pasture. Sorry I didn’t get a better picture of you Karla!


 Meanwhile Larry and Alex were putting together the pieces of the wire gate.


The fresh grass in the new paddock.


The fence is complete, the water trough is set and it is time to move the cattle onto the new pasture.


The cattle are watching Larry unhook the wire gate.


And then they are off to the new pasture.


Out of the old . . . .


. . . and into the new gate . . .


. . . and onto the fresh grass.


Larry closes the gate behind them and we are done – with this paddock anyway.


5 comments on “New Pastures – Part 2

  1. bob says:

    Love the pictures. Roble really loves the pictures of the cows…oh that boy.

  2. Brenda says:

    He needs to come visit the cows in person!

  3. m l palmer says:

    How many more times do you have to repeat this? Must be getting close to the end, I hope.

    • Brenda says:

      Well, that was paddock # 5 just completed and we need ten paddocks minimum – so still a ways to go. Then there is the big hay field we need to have perimeter fenced before September and the two pastures at our home ranch we need fenced before winter. I don’t think they will run out of fencing projects any time soon.

  4. It looks great guys keep up the good work the beef is great.

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