Spring Calves

It has been a great calving season so far! 17 of our 19 bred cows and heifers (females who have not had a calf before) have given birth in the last month; all on their own with no help needed and the calves are doing very well. The last two cows should be calving any day and our season will be complete.

It is quite a sight to see all the little ones in the pasture. They remind me a lot of human babies, except that they are up and running within hours of being born. They run and play and kick up their heels with great energy, then flop down and take a nap. They also get themselves in some unique positions.


B-2 is Laverne’s calf this year; a nice looking little heifer.


Laying on the hill napping in the sun.


B-1 is the first calf born this year and she is not intimidated to come to the feed trough with the big cows and eat her hay.


All our cattle are pretty friendly and used to us being around them every day, many of them come up for a scratch when they see us.  We have one who is more friendly – actually spoiled – than usual.  Here is Wilma a couple of weeks ago with her newborn calf.


And here is Wilma yesterday. Wilma is not shy about coming right up and letting you know she wants a rub. She prefers her shoulders and licks her lips when you hit just the right spot. I wonder who could have spoiled this cow?


Here is Thelma with her calf B-6. It usually takes a day or two for the new mothers and babies to adjust to nursing and settle in to their daily routine.


The calves nibble on hay in addition to nursing, some of them are messier than others. B-3 looks like she forgot to use her napkin.


And here is B-17, our newest one, snuggled up taking a nap under her mama’s watchful eye.



 It’s been a really successful calving season so far and we’re looking forward to the last two for the year.

2 comments on “Spring Calves

  1. Linda Knight says:

    Brenda, Love the pics. When you were young and lived down the street, would never have guessed someday you would be doing this. Wonderful! Linda

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Linda says:

    Your photos are lovely and the calves are beautiful!

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