Showers of Blessings

It has officially been the wettest month of March on record here, and that is not counting the snow. We have received at least 9 inches of rain in the first 19 days of the month, and it is sprinkling as I type. I say at least because the rain gauge only holds 5 inches and if we forget to empty it the water overflows and it is hard to keep track of an accurate total.


Anyway, it’s been a lot of rain. I really wish we could send a few inches of that much-needed rain to our friends and family in California where they are in the midst of a drought.

Water is not the only thing we have been blessed with this month. Five healthy calves have been born also. All five with no assistance needed – thank goodness no replay of last year’s calving adventure (if you missed that you can read about it here). Four of the five were first time heifers and they calved on their own with no problems. The other cow that calved was Laverne, who had quite the ordeal last year. This year, all went well – hooray! Calving ease is one of the traits Lowlines are known for and one I especially appreciate. I am way too old and cranky to be pulling calves at midnight.

The newborn calves are so cute, watching them learn to stand and maneuver around in the world is one of my favorite things about raising cattle. This one is Nellie and her calf B-5. Nellie is one of our own calves from two years ago out of my favorite cow Mildred and our bull Ox. B-5 is a second generation calf for us out of our other bull Snapshot – exciting!


He – it’s a bull calf, the first one this year – doesn’t seem so excited, but he was only about six hours old here. Later that afternoon he was up running around.


This little one is B-4, out of first time heifer Jenny and Snapshot. She’s a sturdy little thing and we are very pleased with our calf crop so far.


We are hoping that the rest of our bred cows and heifers (fourteen more) are as easy as these first five.

One comment on “Showers of Blessings

  1. […] to last year which was the wettest March on record – read more about that here – and the gauge was overflowing. Our dry spell is nothing like our friends in California […]

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