Where in the World?

Rick and I have just returned from a cattle show. Yes, Alex stayed at the ranch and did all the work all by himself. ┬áHere are a couple of pictures from our trip. This was the parking lot of the hotel, as you can see it snowed – actually it snowed twice, this was the first time. At least 4-5 inches and a cold wind blowing. Brrr!

snow parking lot

The cattle pens – and the people taking care of the cattle – were outside. Most people had set up some kind of tent or shelter and had portable heaters.

stock pens

Any guesses where we went?

4 comments on “Where in the World?

  1. Herb Wingfield says:

    I’ll bet that’s Rick standing at the LowLines gate wearing a brown jacket and tan corduroy pants.


  2. Michael says:

    I want to guess you were in Indiana, but I bet I am wrong because we would have surely met up at some point if you were close by. This has been a common scene for us over the past several weeks. We have had our share of VERY COLD (in the negative degrees) and snow over the past several weeks. We are ready to welcome in Spring!!!

  3. Michael we would definitely have found a way to see all our Indiana family if we were near you! There is a big cattle show in Louisville that we are planning to attend sometime – then we can meet up. Hope you all survive the cold weather!

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