Grass Fed Beef

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here – it seems like I say that a lot, and yet it is still true. First we had the mobile slaughter unit from our Farmer’s Co-Op here at the ranch. The MSU was the first one in the nation to be operational and is really a great thing for small producers like us.


Butchering day is not my favorite, but I really like that our animals are harvested in a quick, quiet, humane way with as little stress as possible. After the carcass is split into halves, the meat dry ages for 14 – 21 days in the cooler at the Co-Op.


Then the meat is cut and wrapped, frozen and ready to be boxed into individual orders.  Alex, Rick and I spent a day packing boxes of meat. We were so busy packing up our orders that I forgot to take any pictures. So, you can look at a boneless chuck roast instead OK?


Last Saturday Alex and I delivered a little over a thousand pounds of our delicious grass fed beef to our customers in the Seattle area. It was a long, busy day with lots of delivery stops and boxes of beef, but it is always nice to be able to meet our customers both old and new. I was so busy with deliveries and talking to customers I forgot to take any pictures. So how about looking at a yummy steak?


Then we had visitors come to the ranch to see our operation. We enjoy showing people around and answering questions about our Lowlines and grass fed beef. But, I forgot to take any pictures of the visitors. I’m noticing a pattern here; really bad on taking pictures lately. So here is one more picture of our meat – this time hamburgers fresh off the grill.


So, that about wraps up our Fall Harvest for this year. Now we are scrambling to get ready for Thanksgiving and the snow that is predicted for this weekend.

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