A Change in the Weather

All our cattle – steers, cows and calves and the two bulls –  are back at our home ranch now, just in time for some rainy, rainy weather. We got a little over 3 inches of rain in the last 3 days. You can see the puddles of water standing in the pasture. Our soil drains very well, so the puddles will be gone in a day or two.


Today though the rain stopped and it was just clouds hanging low on the mountains.


And then a little patch of blue sky appeared.  All the rain we got was snow on the mountains around us. You can see the snow-covered mountains off to the left.


The clouds parted and patches of blue sky appeared.


Rick took advantage of the dry day to fill the water trough in the bull pen. We have part of the water line to the bull pen done, but it isn’t finished yet, so we are watering the bulls with the 55 gallon drum we fill with water and tractor bucket. Gravity is our friend!


Here is why you need a head gate at the feeding trough – so the critters don’t stand in their feed. Very messy and they waste a lot of good hay.


Another glimmer of blue sky through the trees as the sun goes down.


And a couple of hours after these pictures were taken, the skies were clear and the weather turned cold.  35 degrees at 5pm – it will probably be down in the 20’s tonight. Makes the fire in the wood stove feel really good.

3 comments on “A Change in the Weather

  1. tjandmark says:

    Now THAT’S livin’! Mark

  2. Riah says:

    We had a SEVER WEATHER alert today. For an expected 0.25 in. of rain…. Tons of wrecks. Mostly Prius drivers that were involved. Instead of waiting by their car after the wreck they were seen hugging nearby trees.
    I miss Washington. (Edited by Riah. Originally By Nick).

    • Brenda says:

      Wow – a severe alert for .25 inches of rain?? Sounds like Bakersfield 😉 Hope those drivers stay in SD, they wouldn’t last long here!

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