Veteran’s Post

So, how did my two favorite veterans spend this Veteran’s Day? At a parade or maybe a patriotic concert or watching a game on TV? Of course not, they continued on building fence. It was a dry day and you don’t waste those around here – even a holiday. After all the fence posts – both wood and metal T posts –  are set and the barbed wire pulled it’s time to set the gates. Alex is putting on the gate latch.

??????????????????????Making sure the gate is level.


Then on to the next post. These are 16 foot gates that swing two ways so there are double latches to attach for each one. The posts have to be set just right or the gates won’t latch – which does kind of defeat the whole purpose of having them in the first place. And really not a good thing when you want the cattle to stay inside.??????????????????????

Don’t our ranch sweatshirts with our logo on the back look nice? I think Alex needs to clean his hat though, he has bits of hay all over it. In his defense it is kind of difficult to feed hay to the cattle and not end up wearing some of it.


And voila! Both gates are set and they latch in all the right places. Open to drive across the road, and closed to move the cattle. ??????????????????????

I turned the steers into this newly completed holding pen just to see how it would work and moved them easily in and out by myself  – which is the idea.

??????????????????????And now on to the next fence. There does always seem to be a next fence.

3 comments on “Veteran’s Post

  1. Maybelline says:

    You really have a nice operation up there.

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