The weather here on our ranch in the North Cascades has definitely changed in the past couple of days. A cold front blew through and guess what? I’ll give you a clue, here are our cattle pens and squeeze chute last week. See Lookout Mountain in the background that towers over our ranch? 


 Here is the mountain today. SNOW! Already.  And it’s chilly out there too.


 I’m not sure we are ready for this – seems awfully early in the season, but it is beautiful.  Makes for some very dramatic cloud formations with our trees in silhouette. 


This is the mountain to the south of us, also snow-capped and cloud covered.  I love living here in our mountains, it is beautiful any direction you look.


Ready or not, I think winter is coming. 

One comment on “Mountains

  1. Linda knight says:

    Beautiful! I just wish we could get some rain.

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