Piggies and Pastures

The three pigs we had in the spring / summer are in the freezer now and that meat is delicious!


The three pigs have been replaced by two little weaner pigs we got a couple of weeks ago.


These two, named Bacon and Spot (I’m guessing you can tell which is which) are cute little things in comparison to the big pigs we had. Why is it little animals are always cuter? The other two sets of pigs we got when they were much larger and their cute factor was about zero.


These two scamper around and play and are fun to watch. The others had grown so large they stuck out of the hog hut. Good for eating, not so fun to watch.


The two little pigs have lots of room, so far. Pigs grow very quickly so they will be filling up their hut by the end of winter I bet. We need to add a couple of boards to the hut opening to give them more shelter this winter. 


In other news, the guys have been working hard all summer to get another pasture ready for cattle. They cleaned up and hauled off a huge amount of rocks and sticks and debris left from logging in this field.


Then they dragged it, added lime and planted seed. God watered it and now we have lush, green grass in that pasture.


The cattle shed and water trough are already finished and the mineral feeder is in place, so this field will be ready for the bovines when we bring them home from the summer pastures in a couple of weeks.


Slowly but surely we are getting ready for winter. 

3 comments on “Piggies and Pastures

  1. ML says:

    Those are good looking piggys – should be great pork chops!

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