Rocket Launch

Congratulations to our son-in-law Brandon and the whole SpaceX organization! They launched a new rocket from a new launch pad today at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and it was picture perfect! 


It takes a LOT of dedication to accomplish a task like this. The whole launch team has been working many, many long hours for months in preparation for this day. I am happy to report everything was perfect and the satellite payload deployed right on target. 

Mission Patch

I must confess before Brandon joined our family, I didn’t know anything about rockets or launches. I did know if you want to be a rocket scientist you need a lot of math skills and a lot of years in school. He has those.  


I still don’t know much about rockets, though I learn something new every time I talk to Brandon about his job. Here is a picture with Brandon and Megan and Rick and I from a couple of years ago when we hiked (some of us just barely) to the top of the Cascade Pass.  


So, congratulations to Brandon & Megan and all the SpaceX team involved – and their families. It was a lot of long hours and hard work and the rocket launch turned out great!  If you would like to read more about the rocket and launch you can do that here. 

2 comments on “Rocket Launch

  1. Herb says:

    Congratulations to them as well. Makes shoe-horning big engines in little cars seem like backyard engineering. Wait, oh I guess it was. Remember, friends help you move a car; real friends help you move (and hide) car-bodies.
    And the best thing about working for SpaceX…it is only 1.2 miles from Costco!
    I was looking at a job announcement there a couple of weeks ago. Something about expendable ballast and a one-way trip to Mars.
    BTW, found some more Rick pictures but have not scanned them yet.

  2. […] These days he works on rockets, you can read more about that here, […]

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