Fall Photos

Fall is officially here – both on the calendar and in the weather. The air is crisp and clear, the leaves are turning and showing color.  Storms come through with thunder and lightning and sometimes torrential rain. I can hear the raindrops falling on our metal porch roof as I type.  I like all the seasons here in our mountains, but autumn is my favorite. Here are a few fall photos.

Vine maples against the evergreens.


A dramatic fall sky. We get some really great cloud formations with the storms that come this time of year.


Yellow and orange vine maples on a sunny afternoon.


The enormous sunflower in my garden last year. We didn’t even get our garden planted this year we were so busy. We must do better next season.


Not only the maple leaves change colors – ferns do as well.


The falling leaves this time of year always look polka-dotted to me.


I love the mountains peeking out from the clouds.


An old cedar stump with vine maples growing all around it. 


A panoramic view of the autumn pasture in the late afternoon.


4 comments on “Fall Photos

  1. ML says:

    Beautiful pictures – but I vote for #1 and the sunflower for your calendar.

  2. Linda knight says:

    Beautiful! Wish we had a Fall like that

  3. Michael says:

    I really liked the pictures!!! I like the last pic of the mountain scene. Fall is my favorite time of the year. We are also starting to see the leaves start to change colors here in Indiana as well.

  4. Riah says:

    I love the pictures! Oh, I really miss it up there! Its so beautiful!

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