Rocket Launch

Congratulations to our son-in-law Brandon and the whole SpaceX organization! They launched a new rocket from a new launch pad today at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and it was picture perfect! 


It takes a LOT of dedication to accomplish a task like this. The whole launch team has been working many, many long hours for months in preparation for this day. I am happy to report everything was perfect and the satellite payload deployed right on target. 

Mission Patch

I must confess before Brandon joined our family, I didn’t know anything about rockets or launches. I did know if you want to be a rocket scientist you need a lot of math skills and a lot of years in school. He has those.  


I still don’t know much about rockets, though I learn something new every time I talk to Brandon about his job. Here is a picture with Brandon and Megan and Rick and I from a couple of years ago when we hiked (some of us just barely) to the top of the Cascade Pass.  


So, congratulations to Brandon & Megan and all the SpaceX team involved – and their families. It was a lot of long hours and hard work and the rocket launch turned out great!  If you would like to read more about the rocket and launch you can do that here. 

Fall Photos

Fall is officially here – both on the calendar and in the weather. The air is crisp and clear, the leaves are turning and showing color.  Storms come through with thunder and lightning and sometimes torrential rain. I can hear the raindrops falling on our metal porch roof as I type.  I like all the seasons here in our mountains, but autumn is my favorite. Here are a few fall photos.

Vine maples against the evergreens.


A dramatic fall sky. We get some really great cloud formations with the storms that come this time of year.


Yellow and orange vine maples on a sunny afternoon.


The enormous sunflower in my garden last year. We didn’t even get our garden planted this year we were so busy. We must do better next season.


Not only the maple leaves change colors – ferns do as well.


The falling leaves this time of year always look polka-dotted to me.


I love the mountains peeking out from the clouds.


An old cedar stump with vine maples growing all around it. 


A panoramic view of the autumn pasture in the late afternoon.


Happy Birthday!

Today is the 66th Birthday of the United States Air Force.  

air force collage

While I am a supporter of all the service branches, the Air Force is the one near and dear to my heart. My uncle was in the Air Force during Vietnam, Rick’s dad Russell was in the Air Force as well. And when Rick was a youngster he joined up too.


I notice when the Air Force puts out photos like the ones in the collage above, they always use pictures of sleek fighter jets and those are nice – though I certainly could not tell you what type of plane they are. The one plane I can identify anytime anywhere is the A-10 Thunderbolt ll – more commonly known as the Warthog.


Rick was a Crew Chief on the A-10 when he was in the Air Force. We lived on the Air Force base in a scenic location at the end of an abandoned runway not far from the active flight line. B-52 bombers were visible out my kitchen window. Planes flew overhead at all hours of the day and night and I never really did learn which was which too well – except for the A-10’s, those I know.

So Happy Birthday to the Air Force and thank you to those who serve!  



Rick and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this past Sunday. Hard to believe now, but those babies are the two of us many years ago. If you want to read the whole story of our young lives together you can do that here. 

Such an important occasion deserves some special recognition don’t you think? I know people who have celebrated their special day by taking a cruise to Alaska, and we did that too several years ago.

Or a trip to Hawaii or Europe – haven’t done either of those yet.


Or bought a new car. This would be very practical vehicle for the ranch don’t you think? I bet we could get several feed sacks and bales of straw in that – not. 

Or bought a big diamond, though I already have a lovely anniversary band I got for Christmas a few years ago.

As you have probably guessed, we did none of those things. So what did we do to mark the special day? We loaded our bulls in the stock trailer and delivered them to their temporary new homes. Our two bulls have completed their “bull duties” with our herd for the season, so both of them are rented out to other herds for a while.



 This was the second year for Ox with his other herd, so we got a chance to see his calves from those cows. These two little ones are about two months old and they looked really stout. Ox throws some nice calves! Our other bull Snapshot went to a different location. He comes with an equally impressive pedigree, so we are anxious to see his calves this spring. 


I don’t want to leave the impression we didn’t celebrate our anniversary – because of course we did.  Last week we took a ferry to Port Townsend, a lovely Victorian seaport. We enjoyed our trip and had a wonderful time. Then we came home and delivered bulls. 

A Dog Post

I’ve finally gotten around to doing a Blog Post on our Beef Website about Molly & Grizzly. They have made a lot of friends this summer with the folks visiting our Ranch Store. They personally greet each visitor and take their job very seriously. When small children arrive Grizzly usually hides, but Molly flops over on her back begging to be petted. 

Rick brushing Molly.

??????????????????????Alex – who claims he doesn’t like Grizzly – petting the big baby.


You can read all about our famous (or maybe that is infamous) duo here