When It Rains . . .

It has been VERY dry the past several weeks here at the ranch. In fact the driest July on record in over 50 years. So, we really needed some rain – which we got over the weekend. Thunderstorms rolled in and a little over an inch of much-needed rain fell on our pastures.  Higher up above us in the Cascade Mountains a lot more rain fell; some reports say 5-6 inches of rain in 8 hours. And all that rain in such a short amount of time caused this.  

mudslide 1 (1024x768) (1024x768)

Eight mudslides cover over 1/4 of a mile of Highway 20 at milepost 152, about 40 miles above us. 

mudslide 2 (1024x768)

They have brought in heavy equipment and are working hard to clear the road. Hopefully they will get it back open by the weekend.  In addition to the slides on Hwy 20, the road we live on – Cascade River Road – had a washout about 15 miles above us. Hikers were stranded overnight until they were able to build a temporary road and the hikers drove out. 

mudslide 3 (1024x768)

Loved the rain and hope we get more, but hopefully not quite so much all at once. You can read more about the situation here. 

One comment on “When It Rains . . .

  1. Nick Dude says:

    Looks like a challenge for a Jeep; or a really old scout thing that was once manufactured back in the model T days… If it is still running that is.

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