Hay Field

Last week the guys spent most of the week hauling hay.


This beautiful field at the base of the mountains is one of the local sites where our hay is grown, just down the road from our ranch a mile or so.


Once again the new bale handler was very nice to have; we didn’t have to pick up all those bales by hand . . .


. . . and we didn’t have to load them all on the trailer by hand either.


While Alex and Rick were busy gathering the hay bales and loading them on the trailer, I went exploring around the field. I love old buildings and this old homestead has two. An old cabin that was the home of the packer who homesteaded many years ago, and a barn.


The old barn has fallen in and is overgrown with vines and blackberries.


The old barn was built at least partially with wood that was harvested by hand and came from cedar trees that had been through a fire.


The old homestead cabin was built with hand-hewn lumber and sided in cedar shakes. The vines had covered the cabin years ago.


At some point electricity was wired in to the cabin.


The old individual panes of glass in the windows.


At the edge of the property I heard water running and went down the path at the edge of the woods. A creek (which around here is pronounced crick) was running down off the mountain.



In the distance you can see Jordan Falls cascading down the cleft in the mountains.


As we were finishing up with the hay an interesting cloud formation appeared over the ridge.


Not bad for a trip to haul hay.

5 comments on “Hay Field

  1. Maybelline says:

    Beautiful. Glad you went exploring and shared.

  2. tjandmark says:

    Wow! Incredible beauty.

  3. ML says:

    Did you get close enough to see into the cabin? Great pictures.

  4. Nick Dude says:

    Is that field next to the grape vineyard and Clark’s Cabins? Just trying to piece those pictures to the ones in my head of the area.
    Update on my progress. Finished the school house portion of training last week. Now on to the secret squirrel neatness for another month or so. http://youtu.be/PdMKoo9bPWw

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