A Calf Update

Remember those cute little calves born a few months ago?


The wobbly little creatures who could barely stand up?


And weren’t much bigger than our heeler Molly?


They bawled for their mothers a lot?


Those little babies are now sleek, fat calves grazing in the lush pasture.


Remember A-1 – the calf who had a difficult birth and was so weak he could barely hold his head up? The one we had to tube feed him for five days?


He is now a big, good looking steer. Here he is grazing in front of one of our smaller cows. In case you missed that episode, you can read about A-1 here


Here he is on the left with the other calves – he’s the biggest of the lot.


All the calves – and cows too for that matter – are enjoying the summer pastures and doing really well.


The calves are still curious critters. When I go out to the pasture to take pictures it doesn’t take very long for them to come up and see what I’m doing.


And some of them are a little slow learning how to nurse safely. If they stand behind the cow instead of at the side of the cow, they are in the “danger zone” as you can see from Mildred’s calf on the left here.


He is the only one who can’t seem to figure out how to avoid this problem.

3 comments on “A Calf Update

  1. Maybelline says:

    Hope you are collecting images to make an American Alps calendar. I want to buy one. And when you print your t-shirts, please consider 4X in you inventory. I have oxen men that need cool shirts. – Donna

  2. ML says:

    I like the calendar idea. The sleek shiny coats on the cattle lets me know they are “Happy Cows” even if they aren’t from California. 🙂

  3. Brenda says:

    Hmmm – you’ve made me think about calendars. It might be fun to put one together. And Donna we DO have a limited supply of ranch T shirts, but none in 4X – sorry. I’ll have to try and post some pictures of the shirts.

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