Care Package

There isn’t much we miss from warm (or more accurately scorching HOT) sunny California, but one thing that is impossible to get here is ripe, delicious tomatoes. If you want them before August anyway. You can get tomatoes here in the store that are red but they have no flavor; zero, zilch, nothing.  They were picked green and gassed to turn red – and taste how I imagine cardboard would taste though I haven’t actually tried it – yuck.


So you can bet we were thrilled with our “care package” of red, ripe, juicy and DELICIOUS home-grown tomatoes. MMmm good! We’ve had bacon and tomato sandwiches for two days and I don’t think we are done yet.

4 comments on “Care Package

  1. ML says:

    Had I known you were going to take pictures I would have picked “prettier ones”! You should see the ones I picked today – and I only grabbed the “easy” ones. Ha

  2. Brenda says:

    Pretty or not they were GREAT! Thanks

  3. Maybelline says:

    Now I know where I can send all my zucchini! – Donna

    • Brenda says:

      Oh, yes please! We miss zucchini almost as much as tomatoes. And we’ve been so busy this year with the store and fencing and calves we didn’t even get a garden planted – not that it would be ripe now even if we had 😉

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