Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while know that a couple of years ago we had an orphaned calf, Millie. Since her mama died when she was four months old, she got a lot of extra attention and has become something of a pet.

She has a sweet personality and has become a real “people’ heifer since she was around us so much as a calf. She is also a full blood Lowline Angus – our other breeding stock are half bloods – so she is very small. Here she is eating hay this past winter next to Dolly a half blood heifer.

Well, our little Millie is all grown up – well at least as grown up as she is going to get – and has just given birth to her first calf, also a heifer.


Millie was small as a calf, but this little one is tiny. The average size of our other calves born this year was 70 pounds; this one is maybe 40 pounds and she is a week old.


She’s a spunky little thing and very quick too. Alex checked her when she was just a couple of hours old and he had a hard time holding her down.


She usually stays pretty close to her mama.  Millie is on her own schedule later than the other cows and calves, so the two of them are all alone in this pasture.  All the other cows and calves are down the road at our summer pasture and those calves are all a couple of months old now.


Millie is a good mom and diligently takes care of her baby. It always amazes me how these cows instinctively know what to do – even with their first calves.


Millie really doesn’t fit with our meat breeding program since we’ve gone to half-blood Lowlines to get a little bigger carcass.


As I said though, she’s a sweet little thing and she had this calf on her own with no problems. So, I guess we just have one option.


 Name the calf! Rick calls her “Vanilli” As in Millie Vanilli – and if you are too young to remember that whole episode you can read about it here. Surely we can come up with a better name than that! Any suggestions?

2 comments on “Millie

  1. Sandra wingfield says:

    I keep thinking Tilly for some reason. Or you could name her June for the month she was born.

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