Pasture Photo Shoot

Our friend, web designer and photographer Julie was here a couple of weeks ago. She took some great pictures of the ranch and cattle. Here are a few of my favorites.

Our son Alex with the heifers. We put our new bull Snapshot in with this bunch of yearling heifers last month. We’re anxious to see the calves from this pairing next spring.

alex herd

Curious steers in the tall pasture grass. You can see they are losing their winter coats; the old hair looks reddish brown.

2 steers in grass

The herd on fresh grass. I love the mountains and clouds in the background.

herd grass mtns back

Cattle coming toward Julie – they are always curious about who is visiting them.

herd in tall grass

Leela – puppy from our dogs Molly and Grizzly – waiting patiently on Julie’s truck for the photo shoot to be over.

leela the cattle dog

The pasture grass is getting tall!

Alex in grass

Maude a yearling heifer.

maude close up

A steer all alone in the tall, lush grass.

single steer in grass

Steers head on. They are shedding their straggly winter coats.

steers close

Alex in the pasture with the herd.

alex w herd

5 comments on “Pasture Photo Shoot

  1. ML says:

    Loved the pictures. Alex, you sure do have white arms!

  2. Maybelline says:

    Will there be a calendar/planner in the future? – Donna

  3. Herb Wingfield says:

    Alex got an RC truck by chance…

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