Ranch Store Update

We are – and have been – scrambling to try to get our new ranch store done enough to open Memorial Day weekend.  I say “done enough” because there is no way it will be completely finished this week. Now we are just trying for done enough to be usable. Even with it not being completely finished, it will be so much nicer than last year! A great place to sell our grass fed beef.


I have been working on staining and painting on the inside. I think my fingernails are going to be “Mission Oak” forever. It does look a lot nicer on the beams than on me. We saved the beams from the old gazebo and since they are old and very dry it has taken a lot of stain for them. They look really nice now that they are done and I love the corrugated metal ceiling.


When they are not building fences in the summer pastures, Rick and Alex have been working on the utilities for the store. Rick dug the line with our favorite neighbor’s backhoe. It really helps to have good neighbors! We miss you Roger and Melanie and hope to see you this summer.


Amazingly, he found more rocks! We should sell rocks in our store – I don’t think we will ever run out of those.


The existing electrical line Rick didn’t hit with the backhoe.


The electricians are coming to tie it all in and power up the store building on Wednesday.


And we will be one step closer to getting it all done!




3 comments on “Ranch Store Update

  1. Michael says:

    The store looks really good!!!! I am sure you are all excited about opening up for business. I do not envy you on working with all of those rocks. I hit the occasional field stone when digging back here in Indiana, and that is enough for me. If we could find an easy, cheap way to get some of those rocks back here to Indiana, I would like to have some to use in the landscaping!!! I have a feeling it might be a little expensive through UPS or FedEx.

    • Brenda says:

      I wish you could have some of our rocks too – especially the ones located in the hole we need to put a fence post in! Shipping could be a problem; maybe you need to drive a truck out here and load up?

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