Summer Pastures

After a wet and cool spring, the sun has been shining on the grass and it is time to move the cattle onto their summer pastures – yeah! So my son Alex and I loaded the cattle in our little stock trailer and took them down the road to their home for the summer.


The steers – and Ox the bull – were so happy to see the fresh green grass they started grazing as soon as they got out of the trailer.


With only two of us (Rick was out-of-town) we were a little short-handed for moving cattle, but the boys all co-operated and we got them loaded and moved with no problem.


The summer pasture is only a half a mile from our place; it is a beautiful location with mountains and glaciers all around.


These steers will have a wonderful summer on all the fresh grass they can eat.


The cattle are not the only ones enjoying the location. See the house in the background next to the old barn? Alex lives there now! He can keep an eye on the cattle all summer, and enjoy his own views.


4 comments on “Summer Pastures

  1. ML says:

    Beautiful scenery – and thanks for the picture of Alex’s new digs. I can now picture him mowing lawns, washing windows, etc. 🙂

  2. Maybelline says:

    Absolutely beautiful. – Donna

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