The Three Pigs

No, I haven’t taken up writing children’s tales. We have three new pigs here at the ranch.  Alex and I picked them up yesterday in our trusty stock trailer.


If you are going to have livestock, it really helps to have a trailer. Our trailer is old and small – but it works!

The pen is now more than twice as big as it was for the last hogs we had a couple of years ago – though we only had two then.  The new hogs wasted no time checking our the deluxe hog hut. In case you missed the creation of the hog hut, you can read all about it here.


The new boys must have approved, because later on they were snoozing in the hut.


The porkers explored the  newly enlarged hog pen in the woods. You can see where the old pen was at the line between the grass in front and salal and ferns in the back. When we put the first pigs in the pen it looked just like the back part of this one does with lots of salal and vines. The pigs rooted around and got out every last bit of that stuff – and then the grass grew back in its place.


Those porkers make good little rototillers.


3 comments on “The Three Pigs

  1. ML says:

    Do I smell bacon?

  2. Brenda says:

    And sausage, and pork chops, and ham and . . .

  3. Nick Dude says:

    I see you have gotten over the distinct piggy aroma, and ready for more… ?
    Did Alex have fun with the black spray paint or did pig number three come that way?

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