New Pasture

In addition to our construction project out front we are working on developing our back field into a lush pasture for the cattle. It is a beautiful location if I must say so myself. The snow-capped mountain towers above and evergreen trees surround the field. Not a bad place for a cow to live.


When we had some logging done last year they left the ones they didn’t want laying at the edge of the woods. Alex got them out with our favorite neighbors tractor while we still had easy access to it before the fencing goes in.


Roger and Melanie’s tractor has been parked almost all winter, but in the last week we have used it twice. That backhoe attachment comes in very handy.


Alex picked up the logs from the woods  . .


. . . . and piled them in a place easy to get to later on when they bring the trailer out to load the logs and take them to be cut and split for firewood. Nick are you seeing the wood pile that needs to be cut and split? I think the chainsaw will be put to good use.


Meanwhile, Rick was pulling the drag harrow to loosen up the soil to be seeded.


You can see the next area we plan to seed on the far left of the photo.

??????????????????????Then they limed and spread seed and rolled it in. 
??????????????????????There must be some technical term for this implement, but it looks like a roller to me.


So the field is seeded and ready for some rain and then sunshine and we should have our first grass pasture back there. It will still take a lot of work (and manure, organic material and more lime) to make it rich soil, but it is a start. And now I am on my way down the trail back to the house.


Walking past the cattle who are lounging in the field enjoying the dry day.


2 comments on “New Pasture

  1. Mr. Nick says:

    Wow! Looking good! That pile is not that big… Good thing you have a couple chain saws!

    • Brenda says:

      That wood pile is small; when added to the big wood pile we already have it is going to take a lot more sawing and splitting and stacking. I’m feeling warmer already!

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