Under Construction – Again

Or maybe that should be Under Construction – Still? ¬†Either way, work has begun to turn the gazebo Larry and Karla (previous owners of AAR) built with the help of their friends into a ranch store. We will be sorry not to have the gazebo anymore; we’ve had some great barbeques there and fun times with our friends and family. We must have a building to sell our grass fed beef though. Our customers were very patient with our “experimental” store last year which was really just a glorified storage shed, but we need to have a much better facility this summer.


So once again we are making good use of Roger and Melanie – our favorite neighbors – tractor which has a backhoe on it. Rick dug out the footings for the cement pad.



Grizzly thinks his job is to sit on any dirt pile that is available.


And then the lumber for the forms and framing was delivered and Molly joined him on the stack. It’s a tough job they’ve got.


Once the forms are completely set the guys will pour cement, and our ranch store is coming along.


2 comments on “Under Construction – Again

  1. Mr. Nick says:

    So does this mean there is another gazebo in the works? Or at least a fire pit? You can’t have a ranch without a proper fire-pit.
    The renovation looks good so far. I see Grizzly and Molly are doing their jobs very well and have not forgotten what they are expected to do for the ranch.
    I miss it up there! There are way too many “Fruits and Nuts” out here on the opposite end of the west coast! I do believe your product would sell quite well in this Prius infested land. Just the other day Riah and I went to a Burger lounge and low and behold all they sold was Grass fed beef. The place was packed. The burger looked nice and tasted good but was a mini version of in and out’s, and was double the price.

  2. Brenda says:

    Yes, eventually another fire pit is planned, but it will probably be a while.

    I’m glad there is grass fed beef in San Diego and it tasted good. That is a good thing!

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