A Twine Tale

You all are so smart! Of course you are correct it is baling twine, used to hold the hay bales together.


We are feeding lots of hay this winter to our grass fed beef.  After we cut the twine on the bales – as seen here behind Molly – we wrap them up and toss them in our “twine tub.”


It is surprising how many uses you find for those pieces of twine. In the old days they used baling wire and I think many pieces of farm machinery were held together with it.

And on a completely different topic, does anyone know why dog’s eyes in pictures take on this space alien look  like Molly has in the picture above? And more  importantly, how to correct it? I’ve tried using my “red-eye” correction in my photo program that works on human eyes, but it does nothing for the dogs (or cats or other critters).

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