We had to put our cat Patches to sleep the other day. Even though you know she was very old and has lived a good, long life it is hard to say good-bye. She was with our family over 17 years which is a long time to have a pet around. Patches lived most of her long life as a city cat; living in our house and then moving with our son Alex to his college apartment. A couple of years ago when Alex made the 21 hour drive to Washington, Patches moved with him.



Once she arrived at the ranch, Patches found her own way of dealing with the other critters already here. Mostly she ignored them – though she did love sitting on a shelf overlooking the chicken pen and taunting the dumb clucks below. I don’t want to say she was anti-social, but I think she just didn’t approve of the other animals around here.


She did always seem to enjoy it when we were working on a new project though. She would appear and make herself right at home.


She had a knack for always being able to find the most in-the-way place to be and staying there.

Patches loved the cattle handling pens Rick and Alex built last year. She treated them like her own personal climbing apparatus.

She enjoyed her last couple of years here at the ranch. She learned to appreciate new things like rolling in dry cow manure – something she never had the opportunity to enjoy as a city cat.


When my children were youngsters we had three cats, Velcro, Lucky and Patches. They have all gone on to feline heaven now, it is the end of an era for our family.

One comment on “Patches

  1. My heart goes out to you…loosing our precious animals is very hard….our Minnie, our kitty, will be 18 in May this year….and so far she is doing well…someday you will see Patches again and what a fun joy you blessed her with by moving to the ranch for new adventures and kitty fun:)

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