Aggie Fans

I’ve mentioned here before that my daughter Megan and her husband are Aggies.


For those of you who don’t speak the lingo, this means they are graduates of Texas A & M University. Aggies are famous (or perhaps that is infamous) for lots of things and have traditions way too numerous to mention here, but the one thing they are most famous for is their fanatical devotion to their football team. Aggies everywhere – and believe me there are Aggies everywhere – are united behind their beloved team.

12 th man

The fans are known as the 12th Man, and though many have copied them (even professional teams) Texas A & M University is home to the Original 12th man.

12th man towels

There is a statue of the original 12th Man, E. King Gill, at Kyle Field and I have seen it in person on our visits to College Station. Mr. Gill was a student in the stands watching a football game in January 1922. Another player was injured and the coach asked him to suit up, which he did under the bleachers. He never went in to the game, though he stood at the ready. And so another Aggie tradition was born.

12 statue better

If you are an Aggie, when your team plays you try very hard to be at the stadium in person, wearing your Maroon and standing throughout the entire game though you paid a lot of money for the seat you are not sitting in. When enough of your fellow Aggies join you, it fills an entire stadium with maroon.

If you are unable to attend the football game in person, you must watch and show your support no matter where you may be. Here are our own two Aggies watching their team win a game over Christmas break. We had to invite ourselves over to Rod and Margaret’s – who graciously went along with this plan – ┬áso they could watch the big game on a big TV.


Sometimes your football team has a great season and is invited to a Bowl Game. The Aggies played the Oklahoma University Sooners in this year’s Cotton Bowl.

cotton bowl

Aggies everywhere wore maroon, stood and cheered. And they won!


And their freshman Quarterback won the Heisman Trophy this year too! A great season for Aggies everywhere. And as the Aggies say, Gig’em!

One comment on “Aggie Fans

  1. alazscar says:

    And they deserved to win also.

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