Fall with Calves

I believe I mentioned in my previous post that I was behind on posting pictures? Well, I’m trying to catch up. So, here are the fall pictures I should have posted a few weeks ago when I took them. Fall is probably my favorite time of the year, and in my own humble opinion, an especially beautiful time here at the ranch.

One of the new calves from Montana.

calf #28 close

Lounging in the leaves. You can see our first little cattle shed with the “automatic” watering system (rain gutter) for the trough in the background. Also visible is part of our new working pens and alleys leading to the squeeze chute.


The calves eating at one of the new covered feeding stations. They have worked out really well – everyone eats without getting crowded out, keeps the hay dry and you have less waste. All good things. The Cascade Mountains and Diobsud Peak tower in the background.


Another Montana steer enjoying some fall sunshine on a bed of maple leaves.


And I’m a little less behind on posting pictures!

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