Photo Shoot

You remember those precious little puppies our dogs had three years ago? This little one we called #6 because he was the sixth one born. He is also the one who had the most difficult birth and honestly we thought he was dead. I kept massaging him, doing little chest pumps with my fingers and blowing into his nostrils – my version of puppy CPR –  and he started breathing on his own. 

I know you’re not allowed to have favorites, but this one was mine. A sweet little girl I called Cinnamon because of her coloring.

The puppies, all ten of them, were a lot of work but also a lot of fun. When Mama Molly finally allowed Papa Grizzly to get near the pups he liked playing with them.

So, puppyhood was three years ago but we have seen two of the puppies fairly regularly since then. Here is #6, now named Jake a year or so ago. Didn’t he grow up to be a handsome dog?

Jake was back at the ranch last week. He is 7/8 Australian Cattle Dog AKA Blue Heeler (his Mama Molly is 1/4 black lab and 3/4 heeler, Grizzly is a full blood heeler) and his breeding shows when he got near the calves.

Jake does not live on a cattle ranch, but he showed no fear of the calves at all. He was quite curious and went nose to nose with them.

That he was outnumbered and surrounded didn’t seem to faze him either. He really seemed to have found his calling – herding cattle.

Jake was here visiting because his owner Julie is our website developer and also a great photographer and she was here taking pictures for our grass fed beef website.

Jake was on a mission to herd the calves so it was all very photogenic. You can see that his parents Molly and Grizzly as well as his sister Leela – previously called Cinnamon – were all content to watch him.

Julie has a real camera as opposed to my “point & shoot” that fits in my pocket. She took some great pictures and they should be showing up on the website soon.

It was fun to see the puppies,  now grown-up dogs, again and Julie got some great pictures.

I Know It’s Friday . . .

I know it’s Friday – at least I really hope so because I’m making plans for Saturday and counting on that being tomorrow. Anyway, we’ve been beyond busy around here lately and sadly my posts (or lack thereof) show it. So to catch you all up here are some pictures, just like Wordless Wednesday- only it’s Friday. And I can’t think of a catchy little phrase for that.