Watering Trough

You remember those long, deep utility ditches dug all over the ranch this summer?

And all the time and effort Rick and Alex spent running electrical conduit and water lines?

The dirty job of covering up the ditches (even using our favorite neighbor’s tractor) when the water and electrical lines were complete?

And the even dirtier and harder job of covering up the ditches by hand?

The time and expertise of our friend John the builder who designed a very sturdy form for the concrete base the water trough will sit on?

Cutting and bending all the rebar that went into re-enforcing the concrete so cranky bovines wouldn’t damage it?

Tying all the rebar in place so the concrete would be really strong to withstand the cattle?

The big job of pouring concrete?

Setting the heated troughs on the reinforced slab?

Well, after all that time and effort, it turns out our dog Molly likes the new cattle water trough just fine!  All that work and the dog uses it.

Happily Molly is not the only user of the new trough. The new calves use it daily.

And when it is freezing cold outside it shouldn’t turn into a giant ice-cube!  That is a good thing.

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