The Apple Crop

We have harvested our first “real” apple crop last week. I say that because the past couple of years we got a few apples from our trees, but just a few. One year we had a late spring freeze just as the blossoms had set on and that ruined the whole crop.  This year we had enough apples to fill up the bottom of a box – so I think that qualifies as a harvest. These are Liberty apples and they are delicious!

This Liberty is our best tree by far.

Our Granny Smith apples were pretty good too, though we only got three or four. I think we are really too far north for this variety to do very well.

Unfortunately, not all of our apples did well – this is our Gala apple and it has issues. I don’t know exactly what this is on it, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t good.

So, I have a box of wonderful apples for us in the cold room, and the chickens got the ugly ones which didn’t seem to bother them at all. I guess it worked out OK for everyone.

2 comments on “The Apple Crop

  1. Michael says:

    I just started planting a small orchard at our new house. I am looking forward to having fresh fruit in the spring and fall. I have planted 2 types of peaches, pear, plum, honeycrisp apples, and golden delicious apples. I am planning to add a few more in the spring. I hope I can keep the deer away from ours!!

    • Brenda says:

      Good luck with your crops! What a nice assortment.

      I suggest tall fences to keep the deer away – and if you don’t get them up right away (it took us a while) you can just lay the fencing on the ground around the trees and the deer won’t walk on it 😉

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