Water Lines

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while may remember that last winter we had to do this.

Haul water to the cattle in 55 gallon drums. Only when it didn’t rain, but still not a very efficient way to do things. It took a lot of time and was a lot of work too. So that we don’t have to haul water this coming winter, we are doing this now.

Digging trenches to run water lines. Our whole place looks like a giant gopher went wild digging. There are trenches everywhere, including all the way down to the lower pasture.

While the open trenches are difficult to maneuver around and putting in all those lines is a lot of hard work, it will really be nice to have water down to the pastures! As usual Grizzly the ranch dog is right in the thick of the action.

Our son Alex was down in the ditch putting the water line together.

And Eureka! Water in the hose bib. Our hose bibs are buried about 3 feet deep to keep them from freezing in the winter. After going to all this work you want to make sure they are usable when you need them.

The work continues on the water lines, but they are making good progress.

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