A Kid’s View

Last week we had a group of grade school kids visit the ranch on a field trip. Unfortunately, Rick and I weren’t able to be here, but our son Alex did the tour with the kids. As a group they made and signed a thank you poster and added a picture of the gang in front of the cattle with Alex their tour guide.

Some of the kids also made an individual artistic creation of their ranch visit. They are so cute! It is quite interesting to view the ranch from each child’s perspective and see what caught their attention. This one depicted our shed and the wheelbarrow full of grass they fed to the chickens.

Here is our menagerie including Alex’s cranky cat Patches – who amazingly stayed out and let the kids pet her. Harry and Bess hid in the woods I am told. The thing I like best about this picture is the duck. We don’t have ducks.

Some of these kids are quite creative artists. The chickens in this picture have real feathers.

The chickens here are not quite so colorful, but I love the detail. See the little chicken ramp leading to the coop?And the tiny little chicken inside?

You don’t necessarily have to draw a picture to be creative. The little girl who wrote this thank you – she will be a first grader in the fall – wanted it to be very special so she wrote it backwards. I think she is quite ingenious; didn’t Leonardo Da Vinci start out that way?

All the pictures were interesting and creative, but I must admit these two are my favorites. This one for the color and attention to detail. Notice the puffy clouds which are rendered in tissue paper, the feathered chickens, sequins and foam stars and my favorite touch, the google eyes – of different sizes – on the dogs.

I love those eyes! This one really told me those kids were paying attention.

See the cow and the electric fence? Apparently while they were standing near the pasture looking at the cattle, one of the bovines got a little too close to the electric fence and got his or her nose zapped.

And you can see it all in the picture can’t you?

2 comments on “A Kid’s View

  1. Riah Palmer says:

    I notice some of those names on that Thank You card. Wait a second, that was from the Skagit Valley YMCA summer program. Hey I used to work there. Oh wait, in fact I used to work with the lady on the far left in the picture and I bet it was Patti who took the picture! That is too cute! I bet Alex had a grand old time with those kiddos!

    • Brenda says:

      Too bad you went AWOL or you could have joined the tour, or given it! I think they all did have a good time, and one boy – named Alex of course – told us he is coming back to work for us as soon as he is old enough.

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