Loading Cattle

We have been staying busy here on the ranch. One of the things we’ve been doing is making good use of our new cattle working pens, squeeze and scale. When we built the system we set it up so we can load cattle out of it too.  Here is the view from the side when the stock trailer is set up.

First though, we put three of our steers through the chute and squeeze to weigh them so we can track their weight gain through the summer. The squeeze is actually sitting on the scale. You put an animal through the chute, stop them in the squeeze and weigh them while they stand there.  The steers are about 830 pounds now and are gaining an average of 2.72 pounds per day on summer grass.  Obviously they are doing very well on the pasture!

The next day it was time to put the steers back in the stock trailer, so we set it up to load. Here is the view from inside the trailer looking back at the chute. I try to only take pictures from inside the trailer before the cattle have been in there as they always seem to leave quite a few “deposits” and I didn’t have my muck boots on.

So the steers walk back through the chute, through the now open squeeze and into the stock trailer. Sorry for the not-so-good picture of them loading, but I was also operating the gate and had to take the picture with only one hand.

And the steers are quietly and safely loaded into the stock trailer.

Good for them and for us.  And off they go down the road back to the summer pasture.

And after Rick and Alex off loaded the steers in the field and were driving away the cattle chased them down the road to the gate. I guess they really enjoyed the ride.

One comment on “Loading Cattle

  1. tjandmark says:

    Wow. How did I get so behind on your posts. Must have been the hike. Looks like lots of wonderful things going on up there, can hardly wait till our visit. 🙂

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