Summer on the Ranch Means Hay

It has been a busy, busy time here at the ranch with lots going on.  The summer season around here is pretty short, so everyone tries to make the most of it. Summer time for ranchers means hay season and  Rick and Alex have been hauling trailer loads of it.

A local farmer who grows the best hay in the valley reserves some for us. It is a really rich orchardgrass hay with lots of protein for our cattle in the winter. He puts the hay in eight bale squares, then comes along with a “Farm Hand” to pick all eight bales up.

He carries it with the Farm Hand attachment across the field . . .

. . . and loads it on the trailer or truck and off you go.

They can fit 120 bales on the trailer, which has to be unloaded and stacked quickly so they can make a return trip for more hay.

If only we had a Farm Hand to unload the trailer  – oh wait we do! Alex.

Alex is not really fond of unloading and stacking hay, but I keep telling him what big muscles he’s building.

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