Heading South

Our nephew Nick and his lovely wife Riah are leaving the North Country heading south on a new adventure. Before they left, they came up to the ranch one last time to do all the fun ranch activities.

Obviously Nick enjoys splitting firewood quite a bit.  Riah has done her share of firewood too – but not on this day.

Riah has also done her share of shooting – but not on this day.

On this day Riah mowed and took pictures. It’s hard to take pictures of yourself mowing so we don’t have any of her. We do have the pictures she took of other things though. Like Rick mowing the mushroom road.

And Grizzly the ranch dog sitting in the freshly mowed road.

Meanwhile, back at the firewood, Alex splits firewood too. He has a wood stove and needs to get ready for winter. He doesn’t look nearly as excited as Nick about splitting wood though.

One thing they both did was leave us a big round of wood with their initials carved in it. Can you make out the NP and AP?

Here’s a closer view of Nick’s initial carving.

What is it about guys and chain saws that makes them want to carve their initials in something?

A truly momentous thing happened that day that didn’t have anything to do with firewood. We got a new barbeque / smoker.

And Rick actually read the directions before he used it!  Amazing.

So we had a nice barbeque dinner with Nick and Riah and now they are heading south. We’re gonna miss those two around here.

3 comments on “Heading South

  1. Linda says:

    Such a nice couple I am sure you will miss them.

  2. Mr. Nick says:

    Just excited about life!…. And anything out doors! Thank you all for letting Riah and I have the freedom to roam around AAR when we pleased! We had a blast every time we were able to steel away to the ranch!! Now we are off to a new adventure….God works in mysterious ways, I’m just along for the ride!

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