Green and Growing Fast

Now that spring has finally arrived here in the North Cascades, the cattle are on fresh grass in the summer pastures.

The pasture isn’t the only thing that is growing. The wild berry vines at the edge of the pasture are loving the warmer weather too and threatening to take over our electric fence.  Some of the canes are so big the only way to cut them down is with a chain saw.

There are places in this world where vegetation of any kind doesn’t grow unless you water it regularly with a hose or a sprinkler system. Even then it is “iffy” if the plants will survive the baking heat.  I know this for a fact; I’ve lived there.  Here in the rain forest – ninety (90) plus inches of rain per year and mild summers – it is just the opposite. Things grow wild very quickly and if you don’t want it you have to mow, chop, weed-eat, hack, chain-saw and machete it down.  At least once a season and sometimes more.

This fence looks like it has been abandoned and overgrown for decades. Are you surprised to learn it was the viable pasture fence up until 4 or 5 years ago?

Isn’t this a lovely and productive berry patch? Actually, there is a fence in there somewhere and the wild berries have completely overgrown it.

The wild berries – I believe they are blackberries, but I’m no berry expert – can and do take over in a very short time. Did you ever see that movie Jumanji where the vines and leaves grew right before your eyes through the doors and windows and took over the whole house? Sometimes these berries remind me of that.

And let me tell you those thorns are nothing to ignore. Last year, Rick and I just hacked down a narrow path behind the electric fence with our pruning shears.  I wore a heavy, long-sleeved shirt and leather gloves and still had scratches and gashes and blood running down my arms. I’m really glad we have the hedge trimmer and chainsaw this year!

Now the fence is safe from the berries and everything is neatly trimmed – at least for a while.

One comment on “Green and Growing Fast

  1. Tj says:

    Great catching up on your activities.

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