Cranky Cat

Our cat Patches, the world’s crankiest cat, has enjoyed the construction of the squeeze and chute and cattle working pens over the past few months.

It’s given her an opportunity to be close to the action without being too close.

She picks her spots quite carefully.

And uses the fences as her own private climbing maze to be in the way at every opportunity.

She has a gift for being able to pick just the right spot to be most obstructive.

There are eight identical fence posts on that line. Which one did she pick to sit on? The only one with the screws that we needed to use.

It’s a rare talent I think to always be able to be in the wrong place at the right time.

4 comments on “Cranky Cat

  1. ML says:

    What I want to know is she as mean to Harry and Bess as she was to Velcro?
    When I think about is she has had quite a life – just think of all the places she has lived – I do think she likes this one the best.

  2. Brenda says:

    She has had an adventure filled life for a cat. The ranch seems to be her favorite location – more places for her to explore and other animals to see but also safe places for her to get away from the other critters.

    Harry she gets along with pretty well because he is afraid of her and stays out of her way. She and Bess don’t much care for each other. They have separate sleeping areas in the shed and pretty much stay on their own sides.

  3. Karla and Larry says:

    I think Patches has been observing the chickens and she’s trying to hatch those screws! Silly Kitty! Lookin’ good out there at AAR!

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